Alice Woodhouse

Artist Statement:

“I can’t  tell you the purpose of this compelling, non-metaphorical journey down memory lane, but I can tell you that in each place I could see our past selves clear as day; it was as though we were retracing our steps and finding in every vanished footprint our actual feet.  There’s nothing like a nostalgia trip to make you feel alien from both your past and your present.” (Excerpt from Steve Toltz’s novel, “A Fraction of the Whole”.) 

29th June - 10th July 2012


My art deals with my curiosity in memory and childhood, investing time into the forgotten and overlooked, finding beauty in the old with elements of fairy tale, wonderland and dystopia influencing my style.  Inspired my dystopic literature, my drawings and etchings narrate my internal dialogue, putting the real world in a story book setting

I worked as a volunteer with the Association for Pastoral Care in Mental Health from January to September 2009 in an art workshop designed for people affected by emotional or mental difficulties. The workshop explored healing through art and I found the abilities of attendees inspiring.  It was here that I found encouragement and realised I wanted to take my education further and study art.  I am entering my 3rd year of a Fine Art BA(Hons) course at Kingston University.