"François Adjei is a Ghanaian born and holds a B.A. Honours in Fine Art. He is a professional, talented painter who now lives in the United Kingdom. All his life he has noticed, absorbed and been surrounded by colours, shapes, lines and dots which are elements of art and design.    He composes them into the principles of movement, harmony, balance and dominance. As well as putting life and movement into his work, as a gospel musician, he also creates and develops ideas through being able to interpret music and sound onto canvas, expressing melody and rhythm in colourful paintings and patterns. This newest discovery has been my main focus recently. He works in all other mediums which bring variety to his art and gives him the freedom to explore and create emotive pieces.  

François’ paintings depict a unique experience of spirituality, music and passion through a journey of movement and colour. His creations are an expression of the immediacy of the present moment, its reality and partial reality.  His hope is that the observer’s senses a relationship between the patterns, lines, shapes and vibrant colours uniting every part of the painting to the next, in an unending semi-realism, whilst accentuating the astounding harmony found through real life.    

Through his passion for music, François developed a unique flair of transferring and transforming the energy of sound onto canvas in the form of colour, light and movement. This creates the most vibrant visual and emotive effects which reflect a flirtation with abstract expressionism. 

François Adjei is a versatile artist. His work depicts freedom and spontaneity. I concentrate on texture, light, movement and life. He delivers an edge through the recreation and composition of the medium of paint and the exploration of new fields of colour and semi-realism. Each painting that is born out of him is another stage on his adventure in self discovery.  

François Adjei has exhibited and sold at the National Art Center in Accra, in Germany, the USA as well as in the United Kingdom.  He has been commissioned by several private buyers. An example of how his paintings move people is when the residence of an old people’s care home in London, demanded new and cutting edge paintings to excite their dull walls and chose his works from a selection presented to them, because his paintings are unique, fun and conjure a sense of the exotic.  

This is Francois’ debut exhibition. He is excited about the prospect of sharing his work with the wider community and hopes his art makes a difference. He encourages people to experience his creations and enjoy them. Art for him is a way of expressing himself and making sense of the world we live in. He shares it with others in the hope that they can find meaning and solace from what he explores"