Kathy Adams (Oct 2014)


After years of creative activity, my formal art education began in 2008-9 when I completed a Foundation Diploma at Reigate School of Art, Design and Media, followed by further practical studies in painting and printmaking.

I now work in both disciplines and enjoy the use of colour and texture that the materials allow.

I find beauty in buildings and in abandoned and derelict manmade structures; I am drawn to grids, intersecting lines and the shapes formed by the gaps.

In these paintings I explore the depiction of light and how it behaves on the surfaces it illuminates.  Essential to human life and wellbeing, light affects the way we perceive our environment.

Using as a starting point my photographs of modern architectural structures which reflect the sky and their immediate surroundings, I look at shape, colour and composition to convey the patterns of light I observe.  I use layered metallic and matt paints to reflect or absorb light.

I grew up in South London and have lived in Spain and Switzerland. I am now based in Surrey.

My work has been exhibited in Switzerland and the UK in group shows and I regularly show and sell my work through the annual Artists Open Studios event in Surrey.  I have a number of clients for whom I have created unique large-scale works on canvas designed specifically for their homes.