Le Mont St Michael

By Julie Bond

PaintbrushOriginal artwork with
signed Certificate of Authenticity
InformationWidth: 24.00"
Height: 48.00"
Media in which artwork was createdMedia: oil
Surface on which artwork is presentedSurface: stretched fine linen canvas
Description of artworkSeen as one of the wonders of the world - Le Mont St Michel in France, seen for miles by a majestic spire crowned with the golden statue of the Archangel Michael known as La Merveille [The Marvel]. After a recent visit to the Le Mont, I was so moved by the wonder and magnitude of the place and statue of the archangel that I felt compelled to paint it. I have painted this in oils with a blue aura and golden abstract background.
Delivery informationAvailability: despatched within five working days
Price of artworkPrice: £590.00 only
Delivery optionsDelivery to UK: FREE!

Le Mont St Micheal

£ 580 

Original Oil Painting

by Julie Bond