Liz Watts AUA  Sculpture and Ceramics 

For Sale in The Rt Gallery

Liz Watts AUA 

Always an artist but trained as a vet. Lived in France & studied porcelain painting, & sculpture & ceramics there. Now in UK I exhibit work in ceramic, papier-mâché, bronze & cement/fiberglass. Flora, fauna or life, passion is to catch character, movement & mood rather than just form. I story tell with art & words, have won prizes for poetry & short stories & performed poetry. I combine writing & form in some work. I have itchy fingers in material, surface finish & building method. I rarely recreate image or idea. If I do it will be with changes. My ideas ‘in tray’ is always full. Working from life I move between sculpture & decorative work. Initially seeming different, they are vital to & feed off each other. My ceramics have roots in my sculpture. I aim to bring to usable work the originality & movement of my sculpture. Working in porcelain keeps ornate pieces functional. My methods create an air of delicacy whilst maintaining strength and practicality. I use original ceramic works in large mixed media wall images In August 2014 I was elected an Associate Member of The Society of United Artists