Mick Leroy was born in 1951 in London, he is the grandson of famous artist Henri Thibult and is living in Surrey, married to wife Pauline, he has two daughters, a son and four grandchildren. 

"Mick left school at the age of fifteen. He stayed within the arts and went into the sign & Screen print industry designing and printing posters, show-cards, banners, and tee shirts along with other promotional materials. 

He has always had a compulsion to paint and draw from very early in his childhood but didn't discover until later in life that several members of his family were also artists including the French artist Henri Thibult, his great grandfather. He paints in a traditional style and enjoys creating art that aims to make his paintings look like a painting and not like a photograph.

Mick sold his first painting at the age of fifteen and has continued to sell and exhibit his work at many galleries throughout the UK."

Mick Leroy