Mounir Ekdawi

Contemporary Art Exhibition

23rd May - 8th June 2013


 In his debut exhibition at Rt Gallery, Mounir Ekdawi presents another selection of previously unexhibited oil paintings.

Born in Egypt, Mounir Ekdawi studied medicine at Alexandria University. As a medical student, he also trained in painting under the direction of Andree Sasson, pupil of the Art Deco painter and theorist Andre Lhote. Greco-Roman and Coptic art have been major influences on his painting. On qualifying as a doctor, he held a successful one-person exhibition at L'Atelier Art Gallery in Alexandria and one of his paintings was acquired by the Alexandria Gallery of Modern Art. He left Egypt for the U.K. in 1953 to specialise in psychiatry, following which he practised as a Consultant Psychiatrist in the NHS. Because of professional constraints on his time, he only exhibited work with local groups until his retirement.

 Most of his recent paintings strive to recreate the artist's growing-up years in Egypt, depicting figures remembered from his youth. His painting style has a quirkiness which offers a rather different take on the personalities involved, which is perhaps not surprising for an artist who is a psychiatrist.


In Egypt         1952       Alexandria

In the U.K.     1994       International Art Fair, London

                     1995       "Discerning Eye", Mall Galleries, London

                     1996       Egyptian Cultural Centre, London

                     1997       Al-Ahram Gallery London

                     1998       Fairfield Halls, Croydon, Surrey

                     1998       Loggia Gallery, London

                     1998       Mulberry Gallery, Weymouth

                     1999       Al-Ahram Gallery, London

                     1999       Egyptian Cultural Centre, London

                     2000       Fairfield Halls, Croydon, Surrey

                     2001       Kingston Museum Art Gallery, Surrey

                     2002       Fairfield Halls, Croydon, Surrey

                     2004       Denbies Art Gallery, Dorking, Surrey

                     2006       Sutton Library, Sutton, Surrey

                     2006       Denbies Art Gallery, Dorking, Surrey

                     2009       Denbies Art Gallery, Dorking, Surrey

                     2012       Denbies Art Gallery, Dorking, Surrey

The artist has exhibited with the Reigate Society of Artists since 1975.