Landscape, Print and Calligraphy By Kate Rogers

Posted by Julie Bond on Monday, September 29, 2014 Under: Artist Wall

Landscape, Print and Calligraphy

By Kate Rogers



Kate Rogers was born in North Yorkshire although Kent has become her home.


She has a degree in Graphic Design from Manchester Metropolitan University.  Teaching art and fine art textiles up to ‘A’ level has been her main career.


The work she creates reflects her interest in texture and abstract images.  Colour is an important element in her work and its expressive quality is clearly seen.  Landscape creates a perfect subject to express this interest combining colour, texture and perspective.


The calligraphic images are developed from two sources, designed calligraphic gestures and researched medieval script.  The designed gestures reflect simplicity and space.  The medieval scripts create pattern and texture.  Mono-print provides the backgrounds, and silk-screened forms are overlaid to create unique pieces of work.


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