Title of Works: Colourful Women

Artist: Patrick Moritz

The collection was painted in Thailand between 2010 and 2012.

The pieces were inspired by the natural way of life and culture in Thailand.

The works explore modern sexuality combined with mother’s instinct and pure innocence.

1: Best Friends 0478

Depicting the openness of emotion between two female women.

2: Burgandy Lady 0476

3: Yellow Retro Family 0493

A lesbian couple with their first child. Yellow being the emotional source of freshness and new ideas.

4: Yellow Retro Girl. 0472

Bringing back a touch of the 70’s in today’s yellowish girly pose.

5: Mother and Child 0474

 The naked innocence between mother and child.

6: Purple Gaze 0498

Connecting with her spiritual intimacey.

7: The Martyr 0449

An alternative Joan of Ark confronting the three trinities.

8: Journey Home 0451

A mother and child catching a star-gate home to their hunter’s paradise.

9: Yin and Yan 0450

10: Pool Side Muse 0482

An innocent day dream of tonight’s pleasures.



11: The Grasp 0484

A mother and her baby infused with passionate need.

12: Green Eye Watchers 0499

The five females represent our five senses watching over us with their green eyes of envy.

13: Sister’s Blue 0480

Two best friends giving off blue emotions.

14: Feline Comfort (1) 0489

15: Feline Comfort (2) 0488