Pip Buswell

"Painting for me is an adventure and a challenge and a joy.    My inspiration to paint comes from the fact that I grew up in a house overflowing with beautiful pictures painted by my great, great uncle Fred Milner who, in 1898, became one of the founding members of the art colony at St Ives.     He painted epic land and sea subjects, working from Piazza Studios, St Ives and exhibiting very regularly at the Royal Academy.

I am of English/Scots/Irish origins with some influences from Portugal where my mother was born and brought up and where I spent some short time as a child.     Countryside and animals have always been an integral and much loved part of my life, with dogs and horses playing a leading role to this day.

I love the wildness and willfulness of watercolours.  That a pleasing image can travel from my imagination, via these pigments, a brush and some water onto a piece of paper - often having done its own thing somewhere during its journey - in my view is something akin to magic! "  

Proceeds from the sale of Pip's work will be donated to 

The Cardiomyopathy Association

Priscilla Buswell.