A fantastic local talent has been recognized and is being showcased on the Artist’s Wall at the Rt Gallery in Merstham from the end of August 2012 for 3 weeks. Dedicated wildlife photographer, Alannah Hawker, is just 20 years old but has experience and achievements worthy of someone who’s been in the business for many years.


Alannah studied for her BTEC art course recently achieving a distinction and also A-level in art and photography. Since 2009 she has been visiting wildlife parks and zoos across the UK finding stunning shots of animals from meerkats to tigers. But she doesn’t have to travel far, the British wildlife has set up home in her back garden! A family of foxes made their den under the shed for the second year allowing her to film and photograph them.  Her video clips were then picked up by Channel 4 and used on their ‘Foxes Live’ TV show in May 2012.


Her dedication continued when she created a wildlife pond in the back garden, an environment which has attracted all sorts of life including newts and woodmice, and she has given three hedgehogs a safe home too.


In 2010, she entered several of her tiger images into a photographic competition at Banham Zoo. Not only did her shots win, but she took 1st and 3rd place in the same competition!


A skilled photographer with considerable talent, Alannah has her own website www.alannahhawker.com, and being showcased at the Rt Gallery in Merstham is further recognition of her work and dedication to the wildlife.


To see Alannah’s amazing photographs come to the Rt Gallery in Merstham from 23rd August to 18th September, www.alannahhawker.com. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.