Sarah Blumire

Award Winning Wildlife Photographer 

Showing at The Rt Gallery

9th - 21st March 2015

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 I am a photographer who enjoys the countryside and the beauty of nature.  I am lucky enough to live at the top of the North Downs in the pretty village of Chipstead.  The surrounding farmland, woods and the many AONB (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) provide me with a wealth of fauna and flora to photograph.

I am a self-taught passionate photographer.  I have been using my camera to capture the wonder of the natural world for many years, both in the UK and further afield.  I have developed my photographic skills through living and working in South Africa, Tanzania and Australia, as well as through my work with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the international development organisation, Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO).  I travelled extensively throughout Africa and Asia and took every opportunity to observe and photograph wildlife in many of the countries I visited.  I have witnessed the pressures faced by wildlife and therefore it is important to me to document their beauty, while at the same time raise awareness of their plight.  Living in the UK now, I have seen similar strains on our wildlife and habitats.  I believe we should enjoy and celebrate our own wonderful nature though the seasons, so my current portfolio highlights local habitats and the wildlife they support.

My photographic style is intimate. My core images are of wildlife and my aim here is to capture them through a portrait style approach, allowing their natural beauty and individual character to shine through. I also photograph animals in the context of their environment to give them a sense of place, which can highlight the need to conserve their unique habitats around the world. My work can be described as clean and natural, with my black and white images showing a more abstract artistic element, which focuses on patterns and detail.

My wildlife images received recognition in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition in 2009, where I was awarded semi-final places.  My work has also been seen at a pop-up exhibition in Sydney, Australia and at the Exposition d’Artists a la Chapelle in St Georges, France. I have had photographs published by WWF-UK and the Il N’gwesi Lodge in the Laikipia district of Kenya. I support a local charity, The Children’s Trust, through exhibiting at their annual Spring Exhibition of Arts.