Mini biog as follows:

I've been a Surrey resident all my life. I did my degree in Graphic Design & Illustration at De Montfort University, Leicester. My course placed a heavy emphasis on taking students out of their comfort zones to do pencil drawings. As result, we were sent out to draw for 5 hour stretches in cold Midlands factories!

This trained me well, and ever since I've made sure I always take my sketchbook with me on my travels. New York and Amsterdam have provided rich material as a counterpoint to pieces featuring London. Trains, shopping centres, even the checkout at the supermarket; these have all made good subjects for my work. 
I go to great lengths to capture the minutiae of life: details such as shop signs, newspaper headlines and occasionally overheard conversations can be harnessed to provide context for the piece.

In my signature technique, I start by making a fast line drawing of my subject. Back in my studio, I then copy this master sketch onto clear acetate film, and then use hand-torn newsprint, magazines and photographs to create a immensely detailed collage infill that provides the colour beneath the mono surface.

I have also been getting recognition for a completely different range of abstract paintings which I call 'Mind Landscapes'. These tend to feature geometric designs, bright colours and - increasingly - organic textures. 

I've been selling my work successfully for 4 or 5 years and have been able to spend more time increasing my range and versatility now that both my children are in full-time school. I've recently enjoyed a very successful summer season as a member of the Surrey Artists 
Open Studios initiative. I have also exhibited in London and had a number of my paintings bought by collectors at the 2013 Stephenson Harwood arts festival in the City. 

ZoĆ« Baker